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"WriteSparks!™ is true to its name... For me and anyone who writes on a regular basis or schedule, this program does Spark the thought provoking fires of imagination and create a foundation from which to begin."
- Larry Mccrea
Author & Scriptwriter

"...I downloaded the free version of WriteSparks!™ and I loved it! So I waited and I can't tell you how long it was...maybe a few weeks up to a month to actually buy the full version. It was so worth it! I love it. I like the easiness of it all. How it can be on my desktop and it's right there and a couple clicks and BAM! I have my prompt for the day!"
- Katina Lewis
Writer, Poet
& Homeschooling Mom

"I wish to tell you that I thought the old version was terrific, but the new one sounds like dynamite. Also I want to publicly laud you for providing the upgrade at no cost to prior owners. Most would charge for the upgrade, but provide updates at no cost."
- Bud Campbell, Writer

"Shery, I am so excited with this program. It is a breeze to use and the stories I've come up with are awesome. If a writer can't get stories from all the possibilities here - it won't be the program's fault. I am in love with it."
- Billie A. Williams
Author of Death by Candlelight


"What fun and so innovative! Easy to use and a great program to use to help combat writer's block. Need an idea for a story? WriteSparks!™ solves that problem with just a few clicks. Highly recommended!"
- Dorothy Thompson, Editor

"Thanks for letting me try out your software! I think it's great. I doubt anyone would have any complaints of writers block after trying it out"
- Dallas Franklin, Editor

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"I'm not one for most story programs, but this one was exceptionally simple yet delightful to use! I didn't want to stop writing."
- C. Hope Clark, www.fundsforwriters.com

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That's about it! If you ever have any questions, e-mail me at publisher@ewritersplace.com or shery@writesparks.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ, WriteSparks!(tm) Creator
Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ
WriteSparks!™ creator
If you want to know who I am, read this.

WriteSparks!(tm) Story Sparkers for Writers

 WriteSparks™ Premium 

WriteSparks!(tm) Premium

This is the professional or top-of-the-line version that comes with 15 generators. Licensed owners receive 4 free updates on the 15 story generators. Users can also opt for 4 free updates and upgrades (at least 8 new generators ).

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 WriteSparks™ Gold 

WriteSparks!(tm) Gold

This version is ideal for those who write for fun or as a hobby. Included are the original 7 story generators. Licensed owners receive 3 free updates on the 7 generators. An extra generator, the Quick Characters Sparks sampler, is included.

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 WriteSparks™ Lite 

WriteSparks!(tm) Lite

This free version doesn't expire. It contains over a month's worth of sparks. Download this version to see for yourself how it works. Evaluate the free version before buying the full version. You'll also receive articles and more sparks by e-mail.

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PS: Take WriteSparks™ for a test drive! Download the free version, WriteSparks™ Lite! This version does not expire. You can even give it away! 10,500+ writers have downloaded this software since May 2003. (The program is PC-based and will NOT run on a Mac!)

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