Q1. Will WriteSparks!™ Lite write my stories for me?
A1. No, it will not. WriteSparks!™ Lite is an idea-generating software. It gives you ideas or prompts so you can begin writing. It's as simple as that.

Q2. Will WriteSparks!™ Lite make a writer out of me?
A2. It's really up to you. WriteSparks!™ Lite isn't for everyone (and I didn't create it for everyone). Many still miss the whole point/purpose of the software by writing to me how useless they think it is after they've downloaded the free version. (It's like complaining the free food given to them didn't taste good.) My answer is always the same: WriteSparks!™ Lite is a tool, and it can be a very useful and rewarding tool when you begin thinking of more creative ways it can help you start writing. No writing software will write your stories for you. What they will do for you is help you get started. Ultimately, the choice to write is up to you. You write the stories. You take yourself where you want to be as a writer. Besides, if you don't like WriteSparks!™ Lite after you've tried it, just send it to the trash. It's a stand-alone software and it didn't mess up anything in your system anyway :o)

Q3. Why do I need to give you my name and e-mail address before I can download the software?
A3. I like to know the people who have tried out my software, and keep track of how many writers have downloaded it. I also want to make sure you use the software enough for you to be able to decide if it is or isn't for you so every few days I send out an e-mail to 13,000+ WriteSparks!™ Lite users. Each e-mail contains an article, more prompts and/or tips on how you can use WriteSparks!™ Lite better. There is always a link at the end of my e-mails that you can click if you don't want to hear from me anymore. Or you can simply e-mail me and let me know you wish to be removed from the WriteSparks!™ Lite users list. I honor every removal request, and unless you happen to be a subscriber of my 3 newsletters for writers, or you have signed up for any of my free e-mail courses for writers, you won't ever hear from me again.

Still interested in downloading WriteSparks!™ Lite? Please close this window now and fill out the form :o)