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Praise for WriteSparks!™

"I'm currently writing the screenplay script for "Heaven's Final Approach." Your program has helped to create the active diversity I was missing before. In many cases I use your words, phrases, etc as simply a spark to generate my own unique style.

"Writer's block is real and many times an Author or Scriptwriter can have limitations in creativity at any given moment. The desire and motivation to push on is there, but something...maybe lack of sleep, family problems, overworked(tired)...can and will limit one's ability to create.

"WriteSparks!™ is true to its name... For me and anyone who writes on a regular basis or schedule, this program does Spark the thought provoking fires of imagination and create a foundation from which to begin.

"How special is WriteSparks!™? Before, when I would begin writing I'd make a list of phrases, words and thoughts to refer to as an insurance policy when the thinking process became lean. With WriteSparks!™, it is the thinking process....and....the insurance policy. Thanks, Shery, for this wonderful writer's tool.

"You may use my comments for any purpose you choose. If anyone wishes to know how valuable WriteSparks!™ has been to this author, they may contact me at shadowgold@tds.net or read my book and watch the movie.

- Larry Mccrea, Author & Scriptwriter, SC, USA

"I have to say I have been busy. Busy preparing for school (I homeschool my two young children) and of course there are those other everyday nagging chores I have to do. Dishes, Laundry etc.

"But within this busy part of the year, I have had time to write finally. For months now I have been so blinded by reality that my writing has sagged. Whereas I use to write daily has turned to maybe every other day. I do make daily to do lists but do those count? It's been so bad sometimes that I DO find myself saying "yes, those lists count. Ah, there's my page for the day!"

"But I downloaded the free version of WriteSparks!™ and I loved it! It helps me on those days when it seems all I can write are lists. So I waited and I can't tell you how long it was...maybe a few weeks up to a month to actually buy the full version. It was so worth it! I love it. I like the easiness of it all. How it can be on my desktop and it's right there and a couple clicks and BAM! I have my prompt for the day!"

"I write poetry mostly so it's certainly useful to get those creative firings in my brain burning. But I think it would be helpful to just about everyone who has decided they need a little help.

Thanks for making something that has helped me find that 'burn' again."

- Katina Lewis
Writer, Poet & Homeschooling Mom

"I wish to tell you that I thought the old version was terrific, but the new one sounds like dynamite. Also I want to publicly laud you for providing the upgrade at no cost to prior owners. Most would charge for the upgrade, but provide updates at no cost."
- Bud Campbell, Writer MetallicArt

"Shery, I am so excited with this program. It is a breeze to use and the stories I've come up with are awesome. If a writer can't get stories from all the possibilities here - it won't be the program's fault. I am in love with it."

"This is truly awesome and you never cease to amaze me. I am going back to play with it some more. If I find anything at all that doesn't please me it will be a miracle."
- Billie A. Williams, Author of Death by Candlelight www.BillieWilliams.com

"What fun and so innovative! Easy to use and a great program to use to help combat writer's block. Need an idea for a story? WriteSparks!™ solves that problem with just a few clicks. Highly recommended!"
- Dorothy Thompson, Editor www.thewriterslife.net

"Thanks for letting me try out your software! I think it's great. I doubt anyone would have any complaints of writers block after trying it out"
- Dallas Franklin, Editor www.SellWritingOnline.com

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